The MBC Expediting Team will eliminate delays for permit renewals, application processing, and approvals. Our expeditors are proactive and up-to-date on all permit issues, changes, and regulations in the New York City area:

New York City Department of Buildings (DOB)
Alt Type Building Permits I, II, and III
Special Use Building Permits
Change of Use Building Permits
Certificates of Occupancy
Legalizations of Existing Structures
Vacant Building Restorations
Change of Tenant Permits
Asbestos Reports
Public Assembly Licenses
Demo Building Permits
Letters of Completion
Letters of No Objections
ZRD1 3D Zoning Permits
TR1 Reports
TR8 Reports
TR6 Reports
Post Approval Amendments (PAA)
New York City Department of Transportation (DOT)
Construction Permits
Insurance Updates
Fire Department of New York (FDNY)
FPP Waivers
Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Hydrant Permits
Noise Mitigation/Dust Mitigation